Thunder and Lightning Poster

Release Date: 1977

DVD Release Date: December 13th, 2005

PG|1 hr 35 min

Plot Summary
Harley Thomas (David Carradine) is accustomed to his dangerous life as a moonshine runner in Florida. However, when Harley enters into a competition with Ralph Junior Hunnicutt (Roger C. Carmel) to see who can distribute the most liquor, things quickly get out of hand. Complicating matters is Harley's girlfriend, Nancy Sue (Kate Jackson), who happens to be Ralph Junior's daughter. Meanwhile, both the mob and the local police force get involved, adding to the chaos.

Cast: David Carradine, Kate Jackson, Roger C. Carmel, Sterling Holloway, Eddie Barth, Ronald Feinberg, George Murdock, Charles Napier

Director: Corey Allen

Genres: Action, Adventure

Production Co: Twentieth Century Fox

Keywords: Rivalry, Police officer, Daughter, Engaging, Competition, Father, Amusing, 1970s, Pursuit