Two-Fisted Sheriff

Two-Fisted Sheriff (1937)

"He Brought He-Man Law to the Lawless West!"
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Another of the Charles Starret westerns that was billed above the title as a "Peter B. Kyne Production" and story in which Kyne had nothing to do with the production or the story other than allowing his name to be used for selling purposes. This is a remake of Columbia's 1932 "Cornered" that starred Tim McCoy. Bob Pearson (Bruce Lane, also known as Yancey Lane)saves the life of his friend, Sheriff Dick Houston (Charles Starrett), who has captured two stagecoach bandits and is about to be shot from ambush by a third. Bob is found a few days later near the murdered body of cattleman Herrick (Dick Rush) with a gun in his hand.

Leon Barsha
Charles Starrettas Dick Houston
Barbara Weeksas Molly Herrick
Bruce Laneas Bob Pearson