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This trailer for the movie Underworld is shot in a dark gothic style and features fast-paced action and violence. In particular it highlights the star, Kate Beckinsale, who plays a vampire, as she lashes out against various monsters.

Dec 20, 2018

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A centuries-old war is waged between vampires and lycans (short for lycanthrope, from the Greek 'luk' [wolf] + 'ánthrōpos' [human], or werewolf). It begins with a fifth century man, the sole survivor of a plague that wipes out his village. Somehow, his body turns the disease to his benefit and afterwards he ceases to age. Thereafter living in secret, he moves often to prevent his immunity to the ravages of time from being discovered, even marrying on occasion. After he fathers twin sons who also inherit his gift, they learn its ultimate price after the two become the first vampire and lycan after one suffers a bite from a bat and the other from a wolf. Once they learn they can "turn" normal humans into others like them by inflicting their own bites on them, they terrorize the nearby countryside, taking from them either victims or tribute. The vampires ultimately enslave the lycans, until love leads to the lycans escape, igniting a bitter war that seems destined to have no end.