Walking Tall (1973)

Movie"The measure of a man is how tall he walks."
Audience Score
Ex-wrestler and Tennessee Sheriff Buford Pusser walks tall and carries a big stick as he tussles with county-wide corruption and moonshining thugs.
DirectorPhil Karlson
WriterMort Briskin

Walking Tall Collection

Walking Tall is a 1973 American action semi-biopic film of Sheriff Buford Pusser, a former professional wrestler-turned-lawman in McNairy County, Tennessee. It starred Joe Don Baker as Pusser. The film was directed by Phil Karlson. Based on Pusser's true story, it was a combination of very loosely based fact and Hollywood revisionism. The original Walking Tall was a hit, but the sequels, Walking Tall Part 2 (September 28, 1975), and Walking Tall: Final Chapter (August 10, 1977), both starring Bo Svenson, were far less profitable.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:February 22nd, 1973
On DVD & Blu-ray:July 21st, 1998 - Buy DVD
Movie Budget:$500,000
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Charles A. Pratt
Production Companies:Bing Crosby Productions