Fantasy Island


Welcome to Fantasy Island! Because everything else has already been remade and it was next on the list.

"Fantasy Island" -- the TV series that ran on ABC from 1977-1984, and spawned "De plane! De plane!" -- is being turned into a movie.

According to Deadline, Blumhouse ("Halloween," "Glass") is co-financing the film with Sony, with Jeff Wadlow directing and co-writing the script. That will mark a re-team of Wadlow and Blumhouse after "Truth Or Dare."

The TV series starred Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Roarke, overseer of a magical island attracting visitors who hope to live out their wildest fantasies. Hervé Villechaize co-starred as Mr. Roarke's sidekick Tattoo.

So it's another remake. But it has been a long time since the TV show (and two TV movies) aired, and the premise is interesting enough to be ripe for a modern feature-length re-interpretation.

This could really work. Or it could suck. We'll see. Casting will be a big factor, in addition to the direction they decide to take with the plot and tone. Horror? Horror-comedy? It's Blumhouse, so you have to expect dark indie horror is ahead.

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