We still know almost nothing about the upcoming sixth season of "American Horror Story," which recently unveiled a mysterious new logo that offers few clues about its plot. But now, fans at least have one concrete piece of information about the latest installment in the horror anthology series: A premiere date.

FX announced this week that "American Horror Story" would return for season six on Wednesday, September 14 at 10 p.m. That's a bit of a departure for the spooky show, which in years past has timed its season premieres to debut sometime during October, the month of Halloween. (Last year, season five, "Hotel," hit the airwaves on October 7.)

Does that curious date change reveal anything about season six? Probably not, though fans will no doubt look for clues anywhere they can find them about the contents of the latest chapter in the "AHS" saga.

Actor Cheyenne Jackson has already indicated that he'll be back for season six, and Lady Gaga is also interested in returning, after her Golden Globe-winning breakout role of The Countess on "Hotel." "AHS" staple Sarah Paulson is also likely to return, though nothing has been confirmed by the star or "AHS" mastermind Ryan Murphy just yet.

Stay tuned for more intel as it becomes available.

[via: Variety]

Photo credit: American Horror Story