Put me in, coach! Amy Schumer made headlines recently after she was seen paling around with Jennifer Lawrence and playing. Unfortunately for Schumer, she didn't feel as though the photos showed her best side.

"In all the pictures we took of us, I look like her coach," the "Trainwreck" star joked to Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" on Monday. "I look like I'm telling her to take a knee… I look like I'm coaching her."

Of course, Schumer said she should have known better than to be photographed with the "Silver Linings Playbook" Oscar winner, who she calls "the coolest chick you'll ever meet."

"It's my picture next to Jennifer Lawrence's, like the last person you want to be next to," she said.

In the past, they have taken getaways to Martha's Vineyard, but this year it was the posh Long Island community of the Hamptons in New York that played host to the ladies.

"We went to the Hamptons because they wouldn't let us go back to Martha's Vineyard, like no one would rent us a house," she said, adding they're basically kicked out of the popular affluent east coast summer holiday spot. When Stewart asked why, she quipped, it's "none of your business."

The girls, she said, hung out and went jet skiing. At one point, Schumer even decided to try stand-up paddle boarding, to which paparazzi photographed her. Once again, she didn't find the snaps flattering.

"You know the body language if you're stand up paddle boarding is like if you're a newly homeless person taking a like a stand-up dump," she said, rising and slightly squatting. "I didn't even recognize myself when these pictures came out. I was like, 'Oh my god, Alfred Hitchcock is alive and loves water sports?'"


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