It's a good day to be a replicant: "Blade Runner," one of the most beloved and highly influential science fiction films of all time, will finally be getting its long-discussed sequel, set to shoot in the summer of 2016. And what's more – Harrison Ford will be back as futuristic private eye Rick Deckard in a story set "several decades" after the original film.

And, to add icing onto the cake, the producers have picked out probably the best filmmaker for this material not named Ridley Scott (and depending on your thoughts on Scott's return to the "Alien" franchise, "Prometheus," this could be a better choice) – "Prisoners" filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. In short: this movie is going to be awesome.

The press release laid out several more details, including that the screenplay for the new film was written by Michael Green and Hampton Fancher (who co-wrote the original film), from a story by Fancher and Ridley Scott (who will stay on to executive produce) and that, according to producer Andrew Kosgrove, the new film is a "uniquely potent and faithful sequel to one of the most universally celebrated films of all time." We'll take it!

Villeneuve is, if you are behind in the times, one of the great filmmakers working today, having crafted, in addition to the crackerjack "Prisoners," the wonderfully bizarre Jake Gyllenhaal thriller "Enemy," the Acadmy Award-nominated "Incendies," and the upcoming "Sicario," starring Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro, set to be released this fall. His eye for detail and dark vision should perfectly align with the meticulous world that Ridley Scott created in 1982. Get ready for the future, people.