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Christian Bale has undergone yet another complete physical makeover, this time to play former vice president Dick Cheney in the upcoming biopic "Vice." And while we've seen some paparazzi shots of the actor's stunning transformation, we now have our first official photos of Bale in character as Cheney -- and they're nothing short of incredible.

The images, debuted by Vanity Fair, reveal Cheney at two distinct points in his life, which bookend the film. Though not many details about the flick have been released so far, it's said to have a comedic tone, and center on Cheney's role as the man who shaped George W. Bush's presidency.

Here are the photos, along with a side-by-side comparison with the real Cheney.

It's pretty hard to deny Bale's resemblance to the former VP (thanks to both the actor's physical work, as well as that of many talented hairstylists and makeup artists -- who really do deserve their moment in the spotlight come Oscars time, by the way). And if the Oscar winner's past performances are any indication, he's likely to nail Cheney's voice and mannerisms, too.

We're set to get a full trailer tomorrow, but director Adam McKay shared a short tease to whet audiences' appetites. It features brief glimpses of other actors as famous real-life figures, including Sam Rockwell (playing a very convincing W) and Amy Adams (as Cheney's wife, Lynne).

Stay tuned for more footage. "Vice" is due to hit theaters on December 25.

[via: Vanity Fair]