is now promoting his R-rated movie "Swiss Army Man," but he always has time to answer G-rated questions from young Harry Potter fans. Especially if someone makes him do it. People had DanRad respond to videotaped questions from fans, ages 4 to 11, and they were mostly magic related. In keeping with #KeeptheSecrets (and "Now You See Me 2"), Dan refused to share magical secrets. These kids are just going to have to wait for their own Hogwarts letters.

One fan asked, "If you had one magic spell, what would it be and what would you use it for?" After acknowledging he should use his powers to do something good, Dan admitted he'd probably cast a spell to run super-fast like the Flash or be able to have Spider-Man's powers. "Some of my magic powers would just involve giving myself other powers of superheroes, I think it's probably fair to say."

A 7-year-old fan named Beckett, wearing Harry Potter glasses, asked, "What's the special effect that turns you invisible?" That's when Dan started to hold back. "I don't know if I can tell you, I think that's like state secrets. I can't divulge that information to you, Beckett, I'm afraid." Unless, Dan added, Beckett becomes a special effects technician. Olive, 7, also got shut down after asking, "How do you make broomsticks fly?" Dan said, "Yeah, that again, that is just done with magic and, yeah, I can't tell you anything more. I'm very sorry."

However, Harry Potter film fans got a fun bit of trivia from the actor when he answered the question, "Did you like believing in fake monsters?" Dan said his favorite was the fake dragon Harry Potter had to fight, and Dan got to do the coolest stunt he's ever done (watch the video below to see it).

Since he's supposed to be promoting his new movie, DanRad perked up when a young fan asked what was the most challenging part of playing his character. He interpreted that as a question about the "magical dead guy" he plays in his new film Swiss Army Man, and explained a bit of his process. But the last question from 4-year-old Stella is probably the best. She, too, wears Harry Potter glasses when asking DanRad if he likes her English accent.

He's such a good sport. Check it out:

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