Some TV fans are wondering WTF is wrong with the Emmys that "Modern Family" is still getting nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series after eight consecutive years. (And no, Phil Dunphy, they don't mean "Why The Face?")

"Modern Family" premiered in 2009 as an instant hit, and it has picked up Comedy Series nods at every Emmy Awards from 2010 to 2017, winning the top award in its first five years. The stars, writers, and directors have also picked up Emmys over the years. No complaints for the first few years, but now some TV watchers think the show has gotten tired -- not necessarily bad, but not up to its former standard, and no longer worth of an Outstanding Comedy Series nod when there are more fresh series to recognize.

But that's not a universal standpoint, since the show is still popular, and the stars are certainly grateful for another Emmy honor:

Most of the tweets under that post are supportive, with fans calling "Modern Family" their favorite show ever.

ABC renewed the Emmy-winning series for 44 episodes, 22 per season, for Season 9 and Season 10. Season 8 ended its 22 episodes on May 17. All of the stars reportedly got "significant raises" to return.

Here's the full list of 2017 Emmy nominees, including the six shows now competing against "Modern Family" for the top comedy honor.

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