Admit it. Some days you wish you could hop in a DeLorean and head back to the 1980s to hang out with the decade's goth-queen-in-residence, Winona Ryder. Now you can, thanks to Netflix.

People got the first look at Winona's new eight-episode Netflix series, "Stranger Things," which is set in Indiana in 1983. Winona plays Joyce Byers, the mother of two sons, including one who disappears under mysterious circumstances, shocking the residents of the town.

"I think the audience will love the nostalgic voyage back in time before technology had completely took over," Winona told People. "Kids were asked to put their toys away at dinner – not their phones. Yet, there were astronauts were going to space and government conspiracies loomed. It was just such a different world back then."

Speaking of space and conspiracies, it sounds like there may be a kind of "X-Files" element to "Stranger Things"; People added that, as Joyce's friends, family and officials try to solve the case of her missing son, they end up stumbling on a mystery that features secret government experiments and supernatural forces.

"Stranger Things" will be available for streaming July 15 on Netflix. Check out these first photos via People:

Winona Ryder (as Joyce), Charlie Heaton (as Jonathan), and Natalia Dyer (as Nancy).

David Harbour (right)
Finn Wolfhard (as Mike, left) and Millie Bobby Brown (as Eleven).

If you're wondering where Winona Ryder has been lately, besides shooting this Netflix drama, she was recently featured in HBO's "Show Me a Hero," plus Comedy Central's "Drunk History," and the 2015 bio-drama "Experimenter" with Peter Sarsgaard. Are you ready to watch her lead her own series in "Stranger Things"?

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