"When they catch you, they will kill you," the first trailer for the animated "Watership Down" miniseries intones. "But first, they must catch you."

That's a dark tone for a tale about rabbits, but it was set by Richard Adams' seminal adventure novel. Netflix and BBC One collaborated on this miniseries, which features a star-studded voice cast led by James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, and Olivia Colman.

The story follows a group of rabbits that flee the intrusion of man and the destruction of their warren. Brothers Hazel (McAvoy) and Fiver (Hoult) lead them through the harrowing trials of predators and adversaries as they seek an idyllic new home.

The trailer gives off an appropriately epic (and ominous) vibe, keeping in line with the original novel. This is no warm-and-fuzzy kids' tale.

"Watership Down" will premiere  December 23 on Netflix, while BBC One will air it in the U.K. from December 22-23.