In the final season of "Game of Thrones," the White Walkers was were defeated in the course of one episode, But in HBO's planned prequel, the White Walkers and their army of the dead will a looming threat for a very, very long time.

Author George R.R. Martin, whose "A Song of Ice and Fire" books established the world of "Game of Thrones," has revealed a few tantalizing details about the upcoming, still-untitled prequel in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The pilot, which was written by Jane Goldman with a story from Martin, takes place thousands of years before the events of "Game of Thrones." It chronicles the world’s descent from the Golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour, the Long Night.

While the prequel is set 5,000 years before the books/television show, Martin revealed that some things will remain familiar.

There won't be any Lannisters, Targaryens or dragons but, “The Starks will definitely be there,” he said.

"Obviously the White Walkers are here — or as they’re called in my books, The Others — and that will be an aspect of it. There are things like direwolves and mammoths.”

And if you had trouble keeping track of all the different houses of the Seven Kingdoms? Try keeping up with more than 100 kingdoms, Martin teased.

He also emphasized the ensemble nature of the cast, which includes Naomi Watts, Miranda Richardson, and Josh Whitehouse.

As for the title, which has yet to be announced, Martin still likes "The Long Night." Unfortunately, that was the title of the Season 8 battle episode against the White Walkers.

“I heard a suggestion that it could be called The Longest Night, which is a variant I wouldn’t mind,” he said. “That would be pretty good.”

The pilot began shooting in June under director S.J. Clark. HBO has yet to announce if it'll be picked up to series nor when that series would premiere.