Gary Oldman may never get the Oscar he so richly deserves -- and it is too late now to say sorry that Leo got one first! -- but Oldman should at least get an Emmy nomination for joining this fake Justin Bieber soap opera.

"The Late Late Show with James Corden" just returned to the world of the deeply absurd, giving fans a five-minute soap opera scene starring Salma Hayek Pinault, Ray Romano, James Corden, and Gary Oldman, with the entire script coming from Justin Bieber songs. (Except for when Romano says some One Direction lyrics.)

It's glorious. Salma Hayek is the real star, with her character in a dramatic love square with Romano (also excellent), Corden, and Oldman. Oldman's role is too small, but it's just great to see such a serious thespian really emoting to Justin Bieber lyrics, and dismissing Hayek with the cruel JB cut, "My momma don't like you -- and she likes EVERYONE."

Here it is:

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