November 25 (or as we call it "GILMORE GIRLS IS BACK YASSS QUEEN" day) seems so very far away, but luckily, we're getting tiny coffee-flavored treats to tide us over until we can binge-watch-soothe our Gilmore addiction. Yesterday unveiled "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"!

It comes from the "Winter" episode (the revival has four 90-minute episodes, each themed after a season). And it opens with — shocker — Lorelai holding two giant cups of coffee. She's greeted by daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel), who has just returned to Stars Hollow from parts unknown. And what follows is bantery perfection:

"I read the first three [scripts] in one sitting," Alexis Bledel told EW. "I was on page 7 or 8 when I remembered: Of course, this is that inviting town where everything is so familiar. And I felt like I was enveloped back into that time and place; wherever it exists in people's imaginations, I was reminded of where it was in mine."

November 25 can't come soon enough!

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