Prepare for "Misery" this fall.

Hulu announced the "Castle Rock" Season 2 premiere date on Thursday, teasing in a tweet, "Misery arrives." The tweet alludes to the theme of the sophomore season of the Stephen King-based show; "Misery" is one of the horror writer's novels. Season 2 will arrive on Oct. 23, with Lizzy Caplan playing one of the book's main characters, the psychotic former nurse Annie Wilkes.

Hulu's date announcement video unfortunately doesn't show any footage from the season. It does, however, offer some creepy visuals, including the title "Castle Rock" against a dark, cloudy sky. "Misery arrives" appears below in red.

"Castle Rock" Season 2 is set in the titular town, where Wilkes, an outsider, arrives. Her presence there will cause a tense situation to boil over, triggering a feud between clans. A previous screen adaptation, 1990's "Misery," starred Kathy Bates as Wilkes.

"Castle Rock" Season 2 premieres Oct. 23 on Hulu.

[via: Castle Rock/Twitter; h/t: The AV Club]