Ready for another horrifying "Halloween"?

A sequel to 2018's mega-hit, which brought back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode to battle demented killer Michael Myers, seems to be in the works.

A follow-up is a no-brainer considering "Halloween" raked in over $225 million worldwide. But very little has been said about a potential sequel — until now.

On Wednesday, producer Jason Blum, head of the studio Blumhouse Productions, shared a cryptic photo of himself and Curtis "discussing stuff." And Curtis is holding a boxed action figure of Laurie Strode.

Stuff = "Halloween 2."

Last year, Curtis told Entertainment Weekly of a sequel, "I'd be happy to do it, sure."

And director/co-writer David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride apparently planned for two "Halloween" movies, but ended up just making the one.

"We were going to shoot two of them back-to-back. Then we were like, Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This could come out, and everyone could hate us, and we’d never work again," McBride told EW.

"So, we were like, Let’s learn from this, and see what works, and what doesn’t. But we definitely have an idea of where we would go [with] this branch of the story and hopefully we get a chance to do it.”