Jodie Foster loved the Icelandic film "Woman at War" so much that she has decided to make an English-language version of it.

The two-time Academy Award winner plans to star in and direct a remake of the 2018 film, Deadline reports. She'll take on the role played by Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir in the original. However, her version will be an "American imagining," she said.

"Woman at War" was directed by Benedikt Erlingsson from a script he wrote with Ólafur Egilsson. It follows a music teacher named Halla who secretly partakes in environmental activism, namely working to sabotage the local aluminum industry. When she finds out that she's been approved to adopt a baby girl from Ukraine, though, she decides to stop -- but not before one big, final act.

Foster said that she "can't wait to play [Halla]," according to Deadline. She described the character as "a warrior for the planet" with some "serious mishaps along the way." Although Foster didn't reveal how exactly she'll change the story, she did say it would be set in the American West.

Foster has directed five films so far, starting with 1991's "Little Man Tate"; her most recent was 2016's "Money Monster." She's also, of course, appeared in many films, with "Hotel Artemis" hitting theaters earlier this year.

Original "Woman at War" producer Marianne Slot and Foster are teaming up on the remake with their respective production companies, Slot Machine and Egg Pictures.

[via: Deadline]