Shape-shifting pop star Lady Gaga has snagged a major role in the next season of "American Horror Story." The Mother Monster's role hasn't been revealed, but it's sure to be even weirder than the meat dress she donned for the 2010 MTV VMAs. Gaga dropped the news via Twitter, of course, with a delightfully creepy video.

According to The Wrap, creator Ryan Murphy dropped a few clues about the next season in the first two episodes of "Freak Show." Given all the clever theories about how the different seasons are related, this makes perfect sense. (For a quick refresher on those two episodes, check out our recaps here and here.) Plus, there have been plenty of hotel rooms featured in the show over the years, like the one that the Axeman (Danny Huston) rented in "Coven."

The series is slated to start filming in July, so perhaps we'll hear a few more details once production begins. We're waiting on tenterhooks to find out whether or not Jessica Lange will return for another season, and this just adds fuel to our fan fire.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" will air on FX in October, naturally.