A box office star was born this weekend when Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper romance "A Star Is Born" debuted to gangbusters numbers. The film's dynamite reviews no doubt played a role in its success, but we're betting it's insanely catchy soundtrack had something to do with it, too. Now, a new music video shows those who haven't yet seen the movie what they've been missing.

Much like other tunes that have been released so far, this new track, "Look What I Found," serves as a way into the film's plot. It follows aspiring singer Ally (Gaga), who's plucked from obscurity by aging country star Jackson Maine (Cooper), and becomes a superstar in her own right. The pair also embark on an ill-fated romance.

But any trace of the sadness to come is absent from this soulful tune, which is fueled by Gaga's bouncing piano and a funky horn section. It perfectly encapsulates the euphoria of new love, and it's going to be hard to get out of our heads.

Filmmakers are no doubt hoping that that's the case, for both the soundtrack and the movie itself. "A Star Is Born" is gunning for awards season glory, and with its warm reception and continued buzz-building, its chances of taking home an armful of trophies seems like a sure thing.

Now excuse us while we hit "replay" for the umpteenth time...