Anyone for some "Heroes for Hire"?

Netflix canceled "Marvel's Luke Cage" Friday night, in a move similar to the one the previous week for "Marvel's Iron Fist."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "the cancellation was due to creative differences and the inability to agree to terms for a third season of the show."

"Luke Cage" showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker shared a message for fans:

Mike Colter played Luke Cage, and shared his own message:

But it's the message from Finn Jones -- who plays Iron Fist on that other recently canceled Netflix/Marvel series -- that really got fans' hopes up for a new series:

Many fans think that's a tease for an Iron Fist/Luke Cage team-up, which happened in Marvel Comics with the "Heroes for Hire" series. The two lads teamed up for a private investigation operation.

So now fans wonder if the upcoming Disney streaming service -- expected to launch late 2019 -- will bring back both heroes for that series. When "Iron Fist" was canceled, we were among the many to suspect the Disney streamer would bring it back. Now that Luke Cage is leaving Netflix too, that suspicion is even stronger.

There definitely seems to be interest out there. So if Disney was just considering the idea, the fan responses should help sway them forward. We'll see what they do, if anything, once that streaming service is up and running in late 2019.

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