Try not to stagger back from shock, but the "This Is Us" Season 3 premiere may hit you in the feels.

Season 3, Episode 1 is called "Ave Maria," and it airs this coming Tuesday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Here's the official synopsis:

"Randall, Kate and Kevin find themselves on new paths as they each celebrate their 38th birthday."

Yeah, that doesn't tell you too much.

Mandy Moore told a bit more to Entertainment Weekly. The site also shared a photo from the premiere, which shows Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) on their first official date at a carnival.

Moore talked a lot about what's ahead in the new season, but she raised our eyebrows during this Q&A segment:

What’s the moment from the episodes that you’ve already shot this season that you can’t wait for audiences to see?
There’s something that doesn’t involve my character that’s a bit of a twist in the first episode that people are going to be like, “Whaaa…?”

Is it a good, “Whaaa…?” or a bad, “Whaaa…?”
It’s a bad “Whaaa…?” It’s not heartwarming. People are going to be like, “Whaaa…? Why? How? What?” [Laughs.] At least I was, and I knew that it was coming, but still, when you read it, you’re like, “No. Whaaa…?” So that’s pretty interesting. I think Dan [Fogelman] has talked a lot about figuring out who [Randall] is talking about. I think that every episode is offering a more fully realized picture of who that is. It’s not being dragged for the sake of being cheeky. I think it’s just really brilliant storytelling and, Dan’s old favorite way of describing the show is the mixed up videotapes of home videos. This is exactly that, but we’re leaning a little bit into the future aspect of it.

It's not clear if the "Whaaa...?" moment is directly connected to Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and the Season 2 flash forward scene or if that was just another example of something she can't wait for audiences to see.

We'll find out when "This Is Us" starts this Tuesday. Read her full Q&A for more.

We know Season 3 will bring back Deja full time, and also film scenes in Vietnam to tell that part of Jack's past. Jack's brother Nicky has also been cast.

Stack up on tissues now!

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