The upcoming "Barbie" movie starring Margot Robbie as the iconic plastic doll is getting a major dose of indie cred, with celebrated filmmakers Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach joining the production to write the script. Gerwig may also direct the project.

While Gerwig and Baumbach have made some lauded films -- Gerwig was nominated for the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay Oscars for 2017's "Lady Bird," while Baumbach received a Best Original Screenplay nod for 2006's "The Squid and the Whale" -- they're not exactly known for product-driven, blockbuster fare. So why, then, would Warner Bros. hire the indie darling duo for such a big brand name flick?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the unlikely pairing makes sense precisely because it's so odd. Now, not only will audience interest be piqued, but "Barbie" is much more likely to have a distinct voice -- and set itself apart from similar fare -- with such notable talent behind the scenes.

It also seems likely that "Barbie" courted Gerwig specifically thanks to her talent for telling female-driven stories. Earlier this year, Robbie noted that the Barbie brand was an empowering one that celebrated creativity, and encouraged kids to pursue their dreams. Gerwig's particular point of view dovetails nicely with that sentiment, and with her and Baumbach guiding the character's onscreen presence, we're hopeful that "Barbie" won't be just another empty box office cash grab.

Recent reports indicated that "Barbie" would be hitting theaters in 2020. Stay tuned to see if that release schedule sticks.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]