Kia has released its commercial for Super Bowl LI a few days early, and the hilarious spot for the car company's new hybrid model puts superstar Melissa McCarthy front and center.

Of course, it wouldn't be a McCarthy project without some slapstick thrown in, and the game actress offers plenty in her quest to become the ultimate "eco-warrior," saving the planet by assisting whales, trees, ice caps, and even rhinos -- and, yes, driving a Kia hybrid. But her plans to do so don't always go so well, especially when she's being slammed into boats by breaching humpbacks, tossed into canyons by felled trees, or plunged into icy depths by cracking ice formations.

By the time she gets to the rhinos ("Rhinos?" she asks, a hint of incredulity and exhaustion in her voice), it seems that things would just be easier if the actress simply keeps on driving her Kia. Hey, that's probably what Kia wants consumers to do, too!

Check out the silly ad above (which will probably be easier to watch online today than it will be to view on Super Bowl Sunday, between all the trips to the snack table). And good luck getting "Holdin' Out for a Hero" out of your head.