What are you going to do after high school? Don't answer "just hang out, I guess" or "Saturday Night Live" and FLOTUS herself, Michelle Obama, may show up and rap at you. Actually, that's a great reason to say "hang out," 'cause this video is awesome.

CollegeHumor's new music video is a 2-minute ad for a college education, but it could double as an SNL digital short that just happens to include the First Lady and scenes at the White House.

"If you want to fly jets, you should go to college.
Reach high and cash checks, fill your head with knowledge.
If you want to watch paint, don't go to college.
But for everything else you should go to college."

It's a pretty funny video, but there are no tips on how to PAY for college, which can be a sticking point. Maybe the next POTUS is supposed meant to rap those suggestions.

This isn't even the first time Michelle Obama has rapped. You may recall her skills at the mic when promoting healthy foods. The Washington Post also curated other FLOTUS rap moments, because that's what real journalists do with their college educations.

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