The nominations for the 70th Emmy Awards were announced yesterday. One nominee got left behind, so the Television Academy had to send an email to correct the mistake:


"Voting in the 70th Emmy Awards category of Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series resulted in seven nominees. One of the nominees, The Big Bang Theory’s episode The Bow Tie Symmetry directed by Mark Cendrowski, was inadvertently left off various Television Academy communications platforms during today’s nomination activities."

Most of the nominations fans see are the big categories -- for drama and comedy TV series, and top acting awards. But there are dozens of other more technical nominations, including for writing, directing, choreography, etc.

"The Big Bang Theory" wasn't on the list of Outstanding Comedy Series nominees this year, and four-time Lead Actor in a Comedy Series winner Jim Parsons wasn't nominated either. But the guy who directed the Season 11 finale's big wedding episode was nominated -- they just forgot to include him on the extended list.

The mistake came to light via The Hollywood Reporter, when they were checking on a newly implemented rule saying at least one of the comedy directing category's nominees must be a multicamera show, and at least one must come from a single-camera show:

"The category's six nominees announced earlier Thursday all came from single-camera shows. After THR inquired why no multicamera show had been nominated, the Academy replied with its statement announcing the nomination for the multicamera Big Bang Theory's season eleven finale."

Well done, THR. "The Big Bang Theory" should send you some leftover wedding cake.

"The Bow Tie Asymmetry" actually picked up three Emmy nominations this year. Here are the big nominees for 2018. The trophies will be handed out  Monday, September 17 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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