She studied drama at State University of New York at Purchase before making a name for herself in 1993’s cult hit “Dazed and Confused.” But Parker Posey’s greatest lessons learned to hone her craft have come from spending time to those who are closest to her.

“Acting — a lot of it — is about observing and listening and being interested in your family, friends, storytelling, things that are funny about people; just paying attention,” the 46-year-old explained to “Made in Hollywood.” “You can do anything by yourself staring at a wall, just entertaining yourself and being interested.”

If her advice sounds quirky, it’s because she’s put it to test on the big screen many times over in praised comedic performances—and her skills are on show in Woody Allen’s latest offering, “Irrational Man,” in theaters on Friday.

In the dark comedy she stars as Rita, a married chemistry professor at a small town Rhode Island college who begins an affair with Abe, played by Phoenix, the school’s new philosophy professor who murders a complete stranger in a bid to renew his own passion for life. Stone re-teams with Allen, following last year’s “Magic in the Moonlight,” as college student Jill, who finds romance with her professor Abe.

“Irrational Man” landed in theaters last month. Watch the trailer below.

Irrational Man

Irrational Man

R1 hr 35 minJul 17th, 2015