Let no one say "Pretty Little Liars" fans do not care. They care. Maybe too much. That passion was on full display last night during and after the ABC Family show's Season 6 summer finale. All answers were promised. Some answers were given, but they were not very well received, and many other questions were left hanging. PLL fans responded to the reveal that CeCe Drake was "A" with ... feelings. A lot of anger was tweeted toward showrunner Marlene King.

Here are some reactions from the Internet. WARNING: Strong language is used, because strong feelings were abused:

Haha. Marlene King did answer a few more burning questions in a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, so check that out if you haven't already done so. She also told Variety there may be a Season 8 and a movie. Is that a good idea or is that just setting fans up for more disappointment?

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