A moment of silence, please, for the handsome and talented Uggie, who was put to sleep on Friday, August 7, after suffering from a prostate tumor. He was 13. Uggie, a Jack Russell Terrier, may be best known from the 2011 Oscar-winning film "The Artist," but he also starred with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in"Water for Elephants," and appeared in "Mr. Fix It," the TV movie "Holiday Road Trip," and a "Key and Peele" sketch.

Uggie's owner/father, Omar Von Mueller, told TMZ it was a difficult decision to say goodbye to Uggie, but the tumor had left him suffering and the last few weeks were especially tough. Sarah Clifford trained Uggie and told TMZ he was "a perfect little terrier" with boundless energy. "I will forever hold him dearly in my heart and never forget his infinite love for chicken and hotdogs." Sniff.

Watch this "Uggie Unleashed" interview to learn know more about the brightest dog star in the galaxy. Rest in peace, Uggie! May you enjoy tummy rubs and treats for all eternity.

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