Sacha Baron Cohen is living a lie in the official trailer for "The Spy," his upcoming Netflix drama.

In "The Spy," Cohen plays the legendary Israeli Mossad agent Eli Cohen, who ran a successful undercover operation in Syria in the 1960s. He becomes close enough to ambitious military leaders and their rich friends to earn a game-changing level of trust about Syria’s biggest anti-Israel secret initiatives.

As the trailer lays out, Cohen infiltrates Syria as Kamal Amin Sabet, all in service to his country. But he does his job so well that he finds it hard to strip off his double identity.

The series also stars Noah Emmerich ("The Americans") as Dan Peleg, Eli's handler in the Mossad, who tries to ease his guilt over the sacrifices Eli makes. Hadar Ratzon Rotem ("Homeland") plays Eli's wife, Nadia, who knows something isn't quite right about her husband's government job.

"The Spy" premieres September 6 on Netflix.