Lucifer is breaking out the cutlery in a battle against Coachella-bound college hipsters in the new trailer for "Satanic." Is it wrong to have sympathy for the devil on this one?

"Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland leads the cast in this story following four friends who decide to tour "Satanic Panic-era" sites in Los Angeles before heading to the music festival. According to the synopsis, the pals end up following the creepy owner of an occult store home, "only to find themselves saving a suspicious girl from an apparent human sacrifice. Only this 'victim' turns out to be much more than dangerous then the cult from which she escaped."

One character asks, "Satanic tourism, I have to take this seriously?" which seems like a decent question, and you might also wonder how the hotel room forks and knives got on the ceiling.

Anyway, here's the trailer:
"Satanic" is billed as "from the producer of 'The Walking Dead'" (David Alpert's production company Circle of Confusion is credited) and, at the very least, it has a pretty cool poster. It's being released in theaters, On Demand, and via Amazon Video, and iTunes on July 1st.

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