The new romantic action comedy ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ starring Jennifer Lopez (‘Out of Sight’) and Josh Duhamel (‘Transformers’) is scheduled to premiere on Prime Video beginning January 27th.

Lopez and Duhamel star as Darcy and Tom, a couple that are having their wedding on a remote tropical island. Trouble begins when Darcy's ex-boyfriend (Lenny Kravitz) arrives uninvited, and the wedding guests, including their parents, are taken hostage by Pirates. Now, Tom and Darcy must work together to save their guests as well as their wedding day.

Recent Golden Globe winnerJennifer Coolidge plays Tom's overprotective mother Carol, while Cheech Marin plays Darcy's father Robert. The rest of the cast includes Sonia Braga as Darcy's mother Renata, Steve Coulter as Tom’s dad Larry, D'Arcy Carden as Robert's girlfriend Harriet, Callie Hernandez as Darcy's sister Jamie, and Selena Tan as Marge, the owner of the resort.

Moviefone recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Coolidge and Cheech Marin about their work on ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ their outragous characters, Coolidge’s gun training, and working with Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Fowler in 'Shotgun Wedding.'

Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Fowler in 'Shotgun Wedding.' Photo Credit: Ana Carballosa.

You can read our full interview below or click on the video player above to watch our interviews with Coolidge, Marin, D’Arcy Carden, Steve Coulter, Selena Tan, and Callie Hernandez.

Moviefone: To begin with, Jennifer, can you talk about Carol's overprotective relationship with her son, Tom, and how she feels about his marriage to Darcy?

Jennifer Coolidge: Because Carol has only had sex twice in her life, I think she's very worried about her son being seduced by a very sexy Darcy. She's especially blowing it before the wedding. Someone like Carol can't relate to her sexy in-law, for sure. She can't relate, so she's got to shut it down. Pull out the garden hose and get off my lawn!

MF: You really get involved in the action sequences and have a scene where you are firing a machine gun. Was that fun for you to do and what kind of training did you have for that scene?

JC: They were very worried about me with the gun, the production, I think, so I had more gun classes than I could handle. I had many gun classes, so I was ready. I got a gun diploma and everything. I love that they took that much time to make sure that I wouldn't be dangerous to anybody. How cool is it to be a little James Bond, or some Michelle Yeoh moment, or whatever.

Cheech Marin stars in Prime Video's 'Shotgun Wedding.'

Cheech Marin stars in Prime Video's 'Shotgun Wedding.'

MF: Cheech, can you talk about Robert's relationship with his girlfriend Harriet, and the drama that it causes when he brings her to his daughter's wedding?

Cheech Marin: Well, there's a lot of drama because I play Darcy’s father and I invite her ex-boyfriend, played by Lenny Kravitz, to the ceremony. So, you know stuff's going to happen right away like, "What the hell did you do that for?" So, it was interesting, but this was a great cast of characters. We all got along really well, and each of us was very different than the other. But to bring your girlfriend to your daughter’s wedding, you know hijinks ensue and you're going to be surprised.

MF: Finally, what was it like for you working with Jennifer Lopez and playing her dad?

CM: It was wonderful. I mean, she's a really good actress to work with, and a good producer to work with, who's acting at the same time. I've done both, and it's a handful, but she was always on her marks and ready to go. She set the mark, and she sang at the Presidential inauguration right before we started. She had legit chops. Because I'm a musician myself, I asked her about that, "What was the makeup of the orchestra?" She said it was very minimal so you could really hear her voice, and she belted it out.

Jennifer Coolidge stars in Prime Video's 'Shotgun Wedding.'

Jennifer Coolidge stars in Prime Video's 'Shotgun Wedding.'

Shotgun Wedding

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