"South Park" just got some great news today, worthy of many taco-flavored kisses. According to Variety, Comedy Central extended the series through 2019 -- ordering 30 new episodes in a renewal that will take it through its 23rd season and top the 300-episode mark. Also, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park Digital Studios, in a joint move with Viacom, renewed the SVOD deal with Hulu to cover the additional seasons. The Hollywood Reporter added this financial perspective: "The streaming service will pay Viacom and the show's creative team $192 million over five years, according to sources." They also noted that "$110 million [is] earmarked for the creative team over the five-year period."

Season 19 starts in September, so they won't be killing Kenny for at least another five seasons. Those bastards ... are now incredibly rich.

Trey and Matt continue to write and direct every episode, so there will be no "Screw you guys, I'm going home to roll in a pile of money" anytime soon. They're grateful for the chance to live the dream. The creators shared a statement, via Variety, praising Doug Herzog, president of Viacom Music & Entertainment Group: "We love working for Doug and with everyone at Comedy Central. They've given us an insane level of artistic and creative freedom for almost 20 years. They walk the walk."

"South Park" Season 19 premieres September 16.

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