In an unlikely mashup, Disney flick "Game of Thrones": Bryan Cogman, a writer and producer for the hit HBO show, is set to pen the screenplay for a live-action remake of the animated classic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cogman will work with Disney and producer Brigham Taylor (who's also producing the live-action "Jungle Book" remake) on the project, which is in the early development stages. Cogman himself also commented on the news on Twitter, sharing his elation and revealing that he's already very familiar with the source material.

"I have cherished both the novel and 1963 film since childhood," Cogman wrote, referencing the movie and the T.H. White book of the same name on which it's based. "Hugely excited and honored to be working on this."

The writer also shared a snap of himself attempting to pull a replica of the titular object out of an anvil in Disneyland, just like the flick's hero. He captioned the photo, "Research."

According to THR, like the original flick, Cogman's screenplay will be loosely based on White's novel (part of the "Once and Future King" series), which focuses on 12-year-old orphan Arthur, who becomes king after pulling the sword from the stone, thanks to some help from his mentor, Merlin. While Cogman's "GOT" experience makes him uniquely suited to tackle this fantasy flick, audiences worried about that show's sexual and violent nature influencing "Sword" can rest assured that this will be decidedly lighter fare.

"Sword" is just the latest in a seemingly never-ending string of planned reboots/remakes of beloved Disney animated classics. Most recently, the Mouse House announced an "Aladdin" prequel, focusing on the Genie character; retellings of "Beauty and the Beast," "Dumbo," "Mulan," "Winnie the Pooh," and "Peter Pan"'s Tinker Bell are all in the works, too.

No word yet on when Cogman's project may get off the ground. Stay tooned tuned.

[via: Bryan Cogman, The Hollywood Reporter]