Like mother, like daughter.

On FX's "The Americans," Russian spies Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) have spent years honing their craft to extract American secrets and deliver them to their mother country. And now, they're passing their skills on to a new generation — daughter Paige (Holly Taylor).

A new teaser video for the sixth and final season shows Elizabeth talking to a disguise-wearing Paige, who seems to be part of their missions now. "You handled it well," mom says, as if her daughter merely bounced back from a cheerleading fall instead of carrying out dangerous spy work.

Season 6 jumps forward three years to 1987, which means the show is now set in the last years of the Cold War — the end of which should bring huge questions for the Jennings and their children.

For now, though, Paige is following in the family business, something "Elizabeth has wanted for a long time, and it's finally happening," Weisberg told Entertainment Weekly.

"She's getting to bring her kid along and go out and work with her sometimes and do things with her. She sometimes makes mistakes and that's a little worrisome, but other times Paige really does well and is successful and that feels great."

"The Americans" premieres March 28 on FX.