The title of last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" was "Here's Not Here," and even though it was a Morgan Jones quote, the "Not Here" best described Steven Yeun and his character, Glenn Rhee.

The only main TWD cast member in Season 6, Episode 4 was Lennie James, whose Morgan had his own standalone movie, co-starring a cheesemaker and a goat. But the other main and supporting actors were all featured in the opening credits -- which is the norm, whether the actor is in the episode or not -- expect for Steven Yeun, aka Glenn. Fans noticed that Steven Yeun was removed from the opening credits.

What gives?

If Glenn were definitively dead after last week's "Thank You," it would be much more straightforward. He would've been shown in last Sunday's "Talking Dead" In Memoriam. Steven Yeun would be doing interviews, and the cast would be talking about the legacy of Glenn. Instead, no one really believes Glenn is dead, and showrunner Scott M. Gimple (who wrote last night's "Here's Not Here") said we would see Glenn again (whether in flashbacks or otherwise) and answers would be coming. They did not come last night and the word on Spoiler Street is that we might not revisit the subject until Episode 7. So we'll need patience.

It seems like AMC is just toying with fans, having a bit too much fun teasing the idea of killing Glenn, including pulling this move in the credits. This is going to be extra awkward if/when they do eventually kill Glenn, because Gimple will be The Showrunner Who Cried Wolf and the death may not have the same impact because we'll all be waiting for a Jon Snow revival.

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