The new Carly Rae Jepsen song, "I Really Like You," is a nugget of pure pop perfection. With its glittery synths, soaring bridge and insane, never-ending chorus (how many "really"s is that?) Jepsen is something of an unrated pop performer; her debut album "Kiss" showcased that "Call Me Maybe" was not some fluke. But this rivals even that showstopper, at least in terms of it getting lodged in your head like nothing else. It's profoundly brilliant. And yet, somehow, there was still room for improvement, as exhibited by the jaw-dropping music video that stars none other than America's Sweetheart, Tom Hanks.

The video almost exclusively features Hanks, who wakes up singing the song and, throughout the day, continues to sing along to it. This means walking through SoHo (how good are his gloves?), signing autographs, posing for selfies, and hailing a cab, all while singing this ridiculously catchy pop confection. When he finally does meet up with Jepsen... Well if you don't have a dopey grin plastered across your face, then that should do it. (Yes, that's another very famous face who joins the dance party.)

If you need a Monday morning pick-me-up, this should do the trick.