Charlotte may be the new princess, but Emma is the new queen.

"Emma" reclaimed the throne as the No. 1 baby name for girls in 2014, the Social Security Administration announced today. Emma had not been on top since 2008, so what boosted her popularity? Vanity Fair wondered if perhaps Emma Stone or Emma Watson were responsible. We tend to credit the Hermione/Belle actress with everything, because one should, so we'll put the win in her column. (Sorry, Stone.)

Sophia had been the top girls name from 2011-2013, dethroning Isabella, which had a two-year run from 2009-2010. Emily dominated from 1996-2007 until Emma returned just for 2008. Check out the full stats from 1915-2014. No idea why this is fascinating but, admit it, it is.

The boys have a less interesting story, since Noah defended his spot as the No. 1 name, holding strong after more than a decade of Jacob dominance. The top few names for both genders haven't changed much, they're just in different orders each year. But we might see a change next year, after the 2015 birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Here are the top 10 male and female names of 2014:

1. Noah / Emma
2. Liam / Olivia
3. Mason / Sophia
4. Jacob / Isabella
5. William / Ava
6. Ethan / Mia
7. Michael / Emily
8. Alexander / Abigail
9. James / Madison
10. Daniel / Charlotte