Heeeeeeeere's ... Conan?

Johnny Carson is still the No. 1 choice for best talk show host of all time, but a new poll from Ranker shows Conan O'Brien is the favorite current late-night host. The poll -- which was determined through more than 24,000 votes, with 30 hosts to rank -- handed the Jimmy war to Kimmel over Fallon (although not to certain demos, see below) and offered some pretty bad news to Jay Leno, listed down at No. 12, with James Corden at No. 18 and Seth Meyers (who recently banned Donald Trump from "Late Night") down at No. 19.

Here's the overall top 10:

1. Johnny Carson
2. Conan O'Brien
3. David Letterman
4. Jimmy Kimmel
5. Jimmy Fallon
6. Jon Stewart
7. Craig Ferguson
8. Stephen Colbert
9. John Oliver
10. Steve Allen

Here's the full top 30 ranking.

However, the list changes dramatically when you change the settings to show, say, how women ranked the hosts, or men, or by age, region, and around the world. Ranker broke down the results with some interesting demo details:

Millennials chose Conan O'Brien as No. 1 overall, ahead of Johnny Carson.

Women picked Jon Stewart as their top choice after Johnny Carson and David Letterman.

Gen X and Baby Boomers prefer Jimmy Fallon over Conan O'Brien.

Southern voters ranked Jimmy Fallon No. 2 after Johnny Carson.

Northeastern voters prefer Stephen Colbert and John Oliver ranking them No. 2 and No. 3 respectively after Carson. They also voted Conan, Fallon and Kimmel lower than any other group ranking them at No. 7, No. 18 and No. 19.

Check out the different demo rankings here. Who would be your No. 1?

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