"The Bachelor" host "UnREAL," which follows a fictional dating show and was created by a former producer of the real "Bachelor" franchise. You may have read Chris' "unREAL" insults, calling the series "terrible" and irrelevant since "absolutely nobody is watching."

Well, we watch and love both series, and the cast and producers of "UnREAL" responded to Chris' disses. Instead of engaging in a feud, they went for the kill-him-with-kindness approach, dishing out a bless his heart for even watching us enough to hate!

As executive producer Marti Noxon told TVLine of the criticism, "Honestly, I was thrilled. I was so excited because I was like, 'Oh, my God, they noticed us!'" (All publicity is good publicity, especially when it comes from someone involved with "The Bachelor.") Marti continued, "But in this case, it was particularly fun. I'm like a nerd. The captain of the football team is talking about me, even if he's saying, 'Hey, nerd!'"
Star Shiri Appleby, who plays the main character, Rachel, told TVLine, "We're just happy people are talking about the show." Constance Zimmer, who plays head producer "manipulative b-tch" Quinn, said by dissing the show Chris "admits he watches it," which only adds to their numbers. And he just helped them even more by stepping into the ring with this hate, since it seems like the fictional show may have touched a bit of a nerve. Now more fans may be curious to check it out to see if it really does show what it's like behind-the-scenes of "The Bachelor."

The timing is great, too, because "UnREAL" is about to air its Season 1 finale this coming Monday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime, right after "Bachelor in Paradise" -- clearly not a "terrible" show at all! -- airs on ABC.

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