"It's alive!" Daniel Radcliffe exclaims of the monster he and James McAvoy have created in "Victor Frankenstein."

"Yes, that's rather obvious," a bloodied McAvoy deadpans. Now how do they get rid of it?

The first trailer for the movie was released today, and the story will be familiar to pretty much everyone: Scientist Victor (McAvoy) and his faithful assistant, Igor (Radcliffe), use human body parts to engineer a live being — to horrific results.

Watch the trailer.

The story's outline doesn't deviate too much from Mary Shelley's classic tale; it's the tone that gets a 21st century update. The trailer has the feel of "Sherlock Holmes" — witty, zany, madcap adventure with a bromance at the heart of it. Certainly, McAvoy and Radcliffe exhibit the same kind of easy chemistry of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

"Victor Frankenstein" opens in theaters November 25.

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