"The Late Late Show" for a super-compact (but super-awesome) musical event.

Corden has already built a reputation for his "Carpool Karaoke" sketches, but it's arguably more impressive when he and his guests perform a montage of live scenes, like this. Sometimes it's, say, getting Tom Hanks to re-enact all of his movies in seven minutes. Last night, it was singing and dancing all the beats of a relationship in "Soundtrack to a Love Story with Anna Kendrick." The soundtrack was pop songs, and the story went through meeting, dating, sex, marriage, a breakup -- complete with Anna singing Adele while fake eating from a tub of ice cream -- and then an "I Will Always Love You" reunion.

Watch and love:

Because there's no such thing as too much Anna Kendrick, watch her talk about how "Jurassic Park" freaked her out as a child:

Oh, and here's Anna talking with fellow guest Jeff Goldblum about which song best describes her love life:

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