Detective Extralarge

Detective Extralarge Season 1

TV Show

Season 1 Episodes


1. Black and White

November 12th, 19911 hr 25 min


2. Moving Target

November 19th, 19911 hr 28 min


3. Black Magic

November 26th, 19911 hr 34 min

Elizabeth is in a car with her boyfriend when suddenly she feels a pain in the stomach so strong she seizes a knife and stabs herself to death. Her boyfriend is charged with her murder and Dumas is present at his trial and he is struck by the boy's story. In the meantime Extralarge gets the task to find Kathy, the missing step-daughter of Laureen. Her father is dying of an unheard of disease and he desires to see her. The two girls were friends and a shade of Black Magic overhangs on them and their families.


4. Cannonball

December 3rd, 19911 hr 29 min


5. Miami Killer

December 10th, 19911 hr 32 min

Agent Blake finds the corpse of a child. It is one of a long chain. The murderer is called The Miami Killer by the newspapers. Extralarge assists the police in their investigation. All the murdered children suffered from some kind of ailment and the murderer knew his or her victims very well. The successive victim appears to be Elsie who is asthmatic and Extralarge suspects father Marthy and Elsie's teacher. Then Elsie is kidnapped. Can she be saved?


6. Jo-Jo

December 17th, 19911 hr 32 min

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Mar 3, 1992
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Nov 12, 1991