Becoming Karl Lagerfeld (2024)

Miniseries "Fashion is made of passion and betrayal."TV Show
Becoming Karl Lagerfeld
NR June 7th, 2024Drama1 Seasons, 6 Episodes
In 1972, Karl Lagerfeld is an unknown 38-year-old designer of ready-to-wear fashion, largely unknown to the public. His encounter with the young Jacques de Bascher, an ambitious and seductive dandy, changes everything. Karl is finally ready to go up against his friend, haute couture genius Yves Saint Laurent, and his formidable associate, Pierre Bergé. Glamour, ego battles, extravagant celebrations and destructive passion: Witness how Karl Lagerfeld became a legend.
DirectorsJérôme SalleAudrey Estrougo
WritersIsaure Pisani-FerryJennifer HaveDominique Baumard

TV Show Details

Air Date:June 7th, 2024

Status:In Production


Original Language:French
Production Companies:Gaumont, Jour Premier Production
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