The Equalizer (1985 - 1989)

Scripted "If the rules are against you he'll change them. If the odds are against you he'll even them."TV Show
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The Equalizer
NR September 18th, 1985Crime , Drama4 Seasons, 88 Episodes
Robert McCall is a former agent of a secret government agency who is now running his own private crime fighting operation where he fashions himself as "The Equalizer." It is a service for victims of the system who have exhausted all possible means of seeking justice and have nowhere to go. McCall promises to even out the odds for them.
DirectorsAlan MetzgerRod HolcombMark Sobel
WritersDon Carlos DunawayCharles Grant CraigJacqueline Zambrano

All Seasons

Season 4

Season 4

Oct 26, 1988
Season 3

Season 3

Sep 23, 1987
Season 2

Season 2

Oct 8, 1986
Season 1

Season 1

Sep 18, 1985

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Air Date:September 18th, 1985

Last Air Date:August 24th, 1989


Genres:Crime , Drama

Original Language:English
Production Companies:Universal Television