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  • The instant chemistry among the three judges was so right, they couldn't have created it in a lab. Everything that made us fall in love with Idol in the first place was back. Show More

  • 'American Idol' is the Mae West of TV talent shows: when it's good, it's very good, but when it's bad, it's better. [24 Jun 2002] Show More

  • This is a decidedly less mean American Idol. ... Though there isn’t a Cowell among them, the judges’ panel makes passable competition for the judges on NBC’s “The Voice.” ... Overall, the new version of the show holds together well enough. Show More

  • Idol is a shamefully addictive cross between Ed McMahon's old "Star Search" and Chuck Barris' hoary, whore-y "The $1.98 Beauty Show." Show More

  • Meet the new American Idol, same as the old American Idol. Show More

  • We'll see how season 10 holds up once the chosen contestants move on to Hollywood, but for now Idol remains firmly on its pedestal. [14 Feb 2011, p.39] Show More

  • The Tuesday programs are involving for the musical numbers, but the Wednesday installments resort to the lamest tricks to drag out the announcement of who is gone. The contestants' awkward group performances add little to the process and play like the worst of Las Vegas. [4 Sep 2002] Show More

  • After watching that first episode, we can tell you that it’s a solid return, and definitely stronger than its last few seasons. A good part of that is the chemistry of the new judges--pop star Katy Perry, country singer Luke Bryan and Mr. “All Night Long” himself, Lionel Richie--with the contestants who walk into the room to audition and with each other. Show More

  • Connick, who was among Idol's most engaging mentors in past seasons, is even more adept in this new role, and the chemistry on the current panel is at least on par with the more celebrated Voice cast. As Idol wraps its auditions this week before heading to Hollywood, I find myself looking more forward to the actual competition than I have in years. Show More

  • Naturally, Idol is still heavy on crying mothers, the thrill of victory and agony of defeat, Ryan Seacrest saying things like “This ... is your show,” and an on-air script resembling a heart-disease public-service announcement that reads, “Life Can Change in a Heartbeat.” All told, though, the show feels brighter and breezier, and initially avoids some of the heavier-handed pomposity “X Factor” exhibits during these rounds. Show More

  • Viewers will sigh with relief to see this trio actually get along with one another. They listen, share in the laughs and coolly talk through decisions--it makes for a captivating panel that’s fun to watch. Show More

  • [Steven Tyler] may be all talk, the initial good cheer may wear thin and we may be begging to be slapped around by Cowell in a few weeks, but for now it's just nice to have judges who aren't learning how to be stars themselves. Which means that this year, maybe the show can be about finding a real American idol. Show More

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