Beat Bugs Poster

Air Date: July 18th, 2016

Series Summary
An animated series following the adventures of five funny, charming and childlike bugs.

Rating: TVY

Genres: Animated, Children, Musical


  • Season 2 - Episode 15 : With a Little Help From my Friends Nov 17, 2016

  • Season 2 - Episode 13 : Please Mr. Postman; Across the Universe Dec 2, 2016

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    When Buzz hurts her ankle, her friends send a letter to Blackbird; work in the garden threatens the bugs' habitat.

  • Season 2 - Episode 12 : It Won't be Long; Anytime at All Dec 1, 2016

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    Teamwork is the only way to get Buzz and Morgs out of a hole; Buzz keeps using his emergency alarm for fun.

  • Season 2 - Episode 11 : Hey Bulldog; I'm Happy Just to Dance Nov 30, 2016

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    A stray dog seems like a great pet -- except for his stinky smell; the bugs try to plan the best dance party ever.

  • Season 2 - Episode 10 : Eleanor Rigby; I'm So Tired Nov 29, 2016

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    The bugs help filmmakers catch Eleanor Rigby on camera; mud wasps keep everyone awake.