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  • While this Sunday's premiere gets the season started a bit slowly, Episode Two is the rarest kind of TV show there is - one that you hope will never end. Show More

  • Sunday’s premiere provides the border and key pieces to the oh-so-attractive world that is Mad Men. Show More

  • Based on the first episode of the second season, "Mad Men" is still one of the best series currently on television, if not the best. Show More

  • Ideas became embedded into character and each member of the ensemble was given complex motivations within situations that challenged their natures. As the third season begins, we see that Weiner is committed strongly to going in this same direction with closeted homosexual Salvatore Romano. Show More

  • If you check out Mad Men tonight, I guarantee you'll be back next week. Show More

  • You should feel nervous before any great date, and Don never disappoints. He'll make you feel like you are in on the joke with the innest in crowd on television. Anything these ad men are selling, I'll buy. Show More

  • Suffice it to say creator Matthew Weiner unspools enough story to keep fans hooked, immediately satisfying some curiosities and creating others. Show More

  • The acting (from a mostly unknown cast), cinematography (you can just stare at this series) and especially Weiner's writing carry the series to exceptional heights. Show More

  • Mad Men remains a brilliant, perfectly designed and visually exciting series--one of the very best the medium has to offer--whether you take it at face value or find the experience of watching the TV series enriched by tracing the modern echoes. Show More

  • To paraphrase one of the great ads from the glory days: Between love and Mad Men lies obsession. Show More

  • Interestingly, a lot of nothing adds up to a big something. Show More

  • The writing is a real thing of beauty - from the aforementioned nuance to searing workplace witticisms and pitch-perfect tone from a multitude of characters. Show More

  • There’s a confidence in the writing in this episode that’s been missing the last few years, in which it sometimes felt like we were spinning our wheels. Show More

  • The events of that Season 3 finale have rebounded to the good of the Season 4 premiere. And Season 4 gets off to a very promising start on Sunday. Show More

  • All in all, this season premiere allows fans to marinate in the world of the characters for two hours. Show More

  • After a dark and often depressing season four, it's refreshing to start things off on a more jovial, lighter note. That's not to say the premiere is devoid of angst, disappointment and drama. It's just buoyed by an unusually high amount of humor. Show More

  • Was it worth the wait? Are you kidding me? Does London Fog make raincoats? Show More

  • The AMC drama is full of sharp writing, ambiguous segues, effective surprises and the usual array of pitch-perfect performances. Show More

  • All the elements Mad Men does well - the humor, the note-perfect clothing and sets, the creeping cultural change - are still there to be savored. Show More

  • Mad Men is getting better as it goes on. Show More

  • A beautifully realized and dazzling re-creation of our collective past and a glimpse of the infinite and unknowable. Show More

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