• Episode 1 : Devil in Disguise May 5, 1998

    Chang returns to terrorize Johnny with a series of nightmares meant to force him into revealing the location of the neutron gun.

  • Episode 2 : Keyes to the Kingdom of Hell May 18, 1999

    Nightman confronts the evil computer genius Kieran Keyes for the last time. With Matt McColm and Kim Coates.

  • Episode 3 : Revelations May 4, 1999

    A magical being (guest star Eugene Glazer) that uses illusion to imprison tortured souls targets Johnny (Matt McColm).

  • Episode 4 : Nightwoman Feb 10, 1998

    An undercover policewoman, masterfully rebuilt by her engineer father after being thrown from a balcony by the mob, uses her bionic body to exact revenge.

  • Episode 5 : Do You Believe in Magic? Jan 27, 1998

    A sorceress makes Frank and Charlie disappear during her magic show, meanwhile possessing their minds.

  • Episode 6 : Face to Face Oct 28, 1997

    When a criminal gets innovative plastic surgery to repair his beaten face, he uses his ability to change appearances to exact revenge on those who incarcerated him.

  • Episode 7 Sep 16, 1997

    Lightning hits saxophonist Johnny Domino, intensifying his ESP; with a top-secret suit he becomes a superhero.

  • Episode 8 : Constant Craving Jan 13, 1998

    Frank undertakes the job of caring for a countess' belongings, unaware that she is a vampire with a possessive lover.

  • Episode 9 : Hitchhiker Apr 21, 1998

    NightMan's power enables him to know that an alien is taking over human bodies in a quest to destroy the planet.

  • Episode 10 : Double, Double ... Mar 2, 1999

    Nightman (Matt McColm) faces Kieran Keyes (Kim Coates) again in an attempt to thwart his latest plan to gain world domination.

  • Episode 11 : Burning Love Feb 2, 1999

    NightMan (Matt McColm) prevents the evil Dr. Thorn (Alex Diakun) from kidnapping a woman (Sarah Wynter) with special powers.

  • Episode 12 : Double Vision May 4, 1998

    When Johnny accidentally kills a pedestrian and later sees him at the House of Soul, his investigation leads to a top secret cloning project.

  • Episode 13 Sep 16, 1997

    Lightning hits saxophonist Johnny Domino (Matt McColm), intensifying his ESP; with a top-secret suit he becomes a superhero.

  • Episode 14 : It Came From Out of the Sky Oct 20, 1998

    NightMan is captivated by a seductive alien who has come to Earth in search of human souls, which are needed to replenish her power.

  • Episode 15 : Ring of Fire Jan 5, 1999

    NightMan must find the connection between an ancient prophecy and a gang war to stop a serial arsonist in Chinatown.

  • Episode 16 : You Are Too Beautiful Jan 20, 1998

    A hideously scarred wrestler is set up by his dastardly manager to take the fall for a series of murders.

  • Episode 17 : Blader Jan 19, 1999

    Johnny goes under cover as a roller blader when a series of crimes is perpetrated by a gang with high-tech in-line skates.

  • Episode 18 : Lady in Red Nov 18, 1997

    Johnny rescues a lovely, mysterious Russian woman who is being coerced by the Russian mafia to assassinate a prominent Bay City official.

  • Episode 19 : The Enemy Within Apr 20, 1999

    Evil Kieran Keyes (Kim Coates) replaces kidnapped House of Soul singer Saskia (Saskia Garel) with a cyberworld informant.

  • Episode 20 : Chrome II Feb 17, 1998

    When Rachel Lang and Joran team up to destroy NightMan, Frank and Charlie are nearly killed in an avalanche.

  • Episode 21 : Sixty Minute Man Jan 12, 1999

    An evil space traveler (guest star Christopher Shyer) threatens to destroy NightMan's (Matt McColm) reputation unless he joins the dark side.

  • Episode 22 : Chrome Nov 4, 1997

    A man of lesser morality than NightMan, who is one of several others with lightning-struck powers, believes their deaths will add to his might.

  • Episode 23 : Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Oct 7, 1997

    Terrorists use equipment stolen from a seismology lab and a flamboyant spokesman to threaten the West Coast with a cataclysmic earthquake.

  • Episode 24 : Nightwoman Returns May 11, 1999

    Nightwoman and Nightman must face Cassandra, an evil voodoo priestess, and save a woman from her dictator husband.

  • Episode 25 Sep 16, 1997

    Lightning hits saxophonist Johnny Domino, intensifying his ESP; with a top-secret suit he becomes a superhero.

  • Episode 26 : Gore Apr 27, 1999

    Nightman (Matt McColm) must stop a super soldier (guest star Andrew Bryniarski), an engineered killing machine with the mind of a child.

  • Episode 27 : That Ol' Gang of Mine Nov 25, 1997

    Director Hoover's illegitimate son defrosts ice-imprisoned Al Capone, John Dillinger and Bonnie Parker.

  • Episode 28 : Love and Death Jan 26, 1999

    NightMan (Matt McColm) again must fight the evil genius Kieran Keyes (Kim Coates) and his quest for world domination.

  • Episode 29 : Bad to the Bone Feb 24, 1998

    E. Haskell Bridges returns wearing Johnny's face in order to implicate him in the serial killings of women.

  • Episode 30 : Amazing Grace May 12, 1998

    The death of Jessica's nephew plunges Johnny into such despair that when he dies in a crash an angel has a hard time convincing him to return.

  • Episode 31 : House of Soul Feb 3, 1998

    A number of people, including Jerry Springer, try to retrieve a treasure protected by a Chinese ghost warrior.

  • Episode 32 : Ultraweb Oct 6, 1998

    NightMan (Matt McColm) enters a digital domain to save his father (Earl Holliman) from a computer genius's alternative reality. With Kim Coates.

  • Episode 33 : Scent of a Woman Feb 9, 1999

    NightMan and an extraterrestrial tracker combine their talents to prevent the assassination of an alien princess.

  • Episode 34 : The Black Knight Oct 13, 1998

    NightMan joins forces with the Black Knight, an undercover operative who utilizes light-absorption technology, to force car thieves out of business.

  • Episode 35 : Manimal Nov 10, 1998

    Jack the Ripper and Jonathan the Manimal continue a cycle of murder and revenge, this time in Bay City.

  • Episode 36 : Bad Moon Rising Jan 6, 1998

    While pursuing the purveyors of tainted heroin, Johnny's father is injected with the deadly substance.

  • Episode 37 : The People's Choice Nov 24, 1998

    An independent mayoral candidate and his digitized thugs plant evidence against legitimate contenders.

  • Episode 38 : Knight Life Nov 17, 1998

    NightMan joins forces with the Black Knight to stop a rash of murders of government protected witnesses.

  • Episode 39 : Fear City Nov 3, 1998

    While investigating missing teens, Johnny notices a connection between their disappearances and a new computer game.

  • Episode 40 : Book of the Dead Oct 27, 1998

    A desperate doctor attempts to use an occult book to bring his deceased wife back to life and control the powers of darkness.

  • Episode 41 : Takin' It to the Streets Nov 11, 1997

    When Raleigh volunteers to help the teacher he is dating, Johnny intuits a pupil's intention to become involved with a crime lord.

  • Episode 42 : I Left My Heart in San Francisco Oct 14, 1997

    An ailing drug lord (Henry Darrow) takes party guests hostage at a new surgical center.

  • Episode 43 : Spellbound Feb 23, 1999

    NightMan tries to stop the cycle of violence haunting the abandoned daughter of a Druid queen and a Celtic deity.

  • Episode 44 : In the Still of the Night Oct 21, 1997

    A monster unleashed from another dimension by a scientist carries a deadly virus that infects NightMan.

  • Episode 45 : Dust Feb 16, 1999

    A mummified Egyptian queen continues her quest for eternal life and world domination after being accidentally resurrected by NightMan.

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